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PROMETHEUS - Alternate sciences and технолгии

Guidebook of Unofficial Knowledge for Inquisitive or Correspondence School for NEW MAN

  "There are four greatest obstacles to comprehend of true. Namely: an example of pitiful and unworthy authority, constancy of a habit, opinion of ignorant crowd and covering own bad manners by ostentatious".
  Roger Bacon


The "Prometheus" Project News :

If you have interesting information in alternative sciences or technologies, have the works and want to publish its - it is not necessary to create the site, we shall help free of charge to publish its on “Prometheus” pages. Here you also can receive the mail box with the address: to take part in the conference, to discuss interesting for you problems.

We announce your paper in news on the site, dispatch its in more than 2000 retrieval systems! It will increased number of your readers.

With "Prometheus" the World find out about You!