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Prometheus (Gk) - "conceiving before", "foreseeing", taking place from Indo-European root of men-dh - "to reflect", "to cognize".

It is impossible to grasp difficult trues by standard thinking. Safely leaving well worn generally accepted rut, diligent student must building absolutely new ways both spiritual and material in the Country of Miracles of the World Nature, not forgetting th us to correlate everyone anew open true to unity of Total in One and One in All. Address to untraditional knowledge of philosophy, astrology, medicine, anomalous and unknowable phenomena in UFO, physics and engineering accelerates this process of harmonious development of the NEW MAN.

Epimetheus (Gk) - by contrast with Prometheus - "conceiving after", "wise after the event".

This page is addressed by all whom the word Prometheus is harmonious.